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Who we are

The Fan Club is a platform powered by SMG, Inc. the creators of the SSNAPP social engagement software.


We give artists and brands a better way to connect with fans, grow and make better business decisions.

Talents & Expertise

Since 2012, our team has created a multi-award winning international company and brand with profile clients in entertainment, sports, retail and hospitality.

70+ million


65+ k


Fan Club Benefits


Build a Fan Club for your Super Fans


Distribute your Content Independently


Monetize your Brand + keep 100% of your sales


Get millions of organic impressions for virtually no cost from your loyal fans and network


Sale your own tickets and merchandise with significant cost savings


Sale other’s tickets and merchandise with the Fan Club Affliate program and make additional money


Make better business decisions from your own data and accurate analytics without un-trusted robotic interference


Platinum Fan Club fab membership with profit sharing available to celebrities (Only for approved profiles)


Create Fan Club


Get closer to your favorite Artist, Celebrities, or Brand  


Earn for being loyal


Get Perks and Rewards


Higher value premium prizes*


Get paid using the SSNAPP Fan  Club Gift Card for  your loyal efforts to promote  your favorite artist or brand*


Meet celebrities in person*


Affiliate program profit sharing*


Higher ticket purchase discounts*


Higher merchandise purchase discounts*


No ads*


*  = VIP Fan Club Members Only

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