Fans, Influencers Promote & Get Paid

Purchase monthly credit to transform your fan’s and influencer’s loyalty efforts into lifestyle spending.

Purchase Fan Club Gift Card

See how the SSNAPP Fan Club Gift Card credit program works in 3 easy steps:

Purchase $20.00 monthly gift card credit to be distributed to the top 3 fans each month for promotion of your brand.


Each month fans and influencers will endorse and promote your brand. Instead of paying inflated marketing prices pay your fans and influencers directly, save money and grow your networks!

Step 1

Fans always promote your brand on your behalf.


Know which fans and influencers are truly promoting your brand using the secure SSNAPP proprietary loyalty system. All activities are tracked with proof-of-activity so you can trust and know who is really spreading the word about your brand.


Points and issued for: Sharing content, @ mentions, #, participation in activities, showing up to shows + more

Step 2

Fans and influencers promote your brand and earn credit each month.


The top 3 fans to promote each month transforms their loyalty efforts into lifestyle spend and automatically receive $20.00 gift cards that can be used anywhere.


Step 3

Example Fan Club

Activity Credits

Purchase SSNAPP Fan Club Gift Card Credit

Fan Club Gift Card Credits

(3) $20.00 gift cards for your top. Top 3 fans each month receive a $20.00 gift card each.


Fans much achieve a threshold of 40,000 points to start transforming their loyalty efforts into SSNAPP Fan Club Gift Card credit.